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for NextBase DUO Dash Cam Mini HDMI to HDMI 1080P HD TV AV Video Out Cable Lead

1.4 MINI C HDMI to HDMI Cable For NextBase DUO Dash Cam 
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has become the standard for high-definition digital devices.
It combines both audio and video into one convenient cable. With this cable, you can play high-definition mobile content (movies, photos, and data) on your big-screen HDTV or computer monitor. 
Simply connect a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, or another Mini-HDMI-compatible device to the full-size HDMI port found on most video displays. 
From small, mobile device to large HDTV or projector
Future-proof audio and video connection at home, in the office or conference room with this feature-filled Mini HDMI cord. Supports Audio Return Channel (ARC), HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), Deep Color, HDCP, Dolby True HD 7.1 audio, and 3D video
The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding provides superior cable performance, static-free video transmission, and noise suppression
high-speed HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable features gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors (A to C) that deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contact. This dedication to the digital signal provides sound and picture quality that is truer to the original. The HDMI cable also comes with a durable, black, PVC outer layer and shielding, which defends against outside interference, helping to maintain the integrity and purity of the digital signal
Connector 1: HDMI Type A Male
Connector 2: HDMI Type C Male
Supports resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i, 480p, 480i & deep color
Supports uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels audio
Package Content:
1x 6 Ft 1 meter long Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
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