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Digital Optical Cable for JVC TH-D227B

Digital Optical Cable. Suitable for JVC TH-D227B, Colour - Black.

The use of special miniature convex lenses at both ends of the optical fiber makes the beam highly converging. The first pair reduces the reflection of the beam on the inner wall of the optical fiber, thus shortening the transmission stroke. Even if the line body is extremely distorted, the signal height can be kept facsimile and the beam is gathered. The transmission time difference can be reduced, and the digital time difference distortion can be effectively reduced. The spherical surface of the miniature convex lens can be closely attached to the optical input end to ensure that the distortion caused by the connection deviation is minimized.

The optical fiber is absolutely free from noise interference from any power supply or electromagnetic signal, and ensures that the digital transmission frequency is as high as 250 Mbit/s, which is far more than the average digital cable, making the music more analytical and the most reliable digital transmission medium. It is widely used in digital devices such as CD/DVD/DAT/MD/LD, and it is the best guarantee for high resolution audio replay.

The digital fiber optic cable is suitable for the transmission of digital audio signal media, unlike the traditional copper conductor as the signal connection, susceptible to electromagnetic interference, high-quality and clear tone transmitted by fiber optic cable is the traditional wire can not be compared In particular, the transmitted digital signals can be distributed via a digital decoder for 5.1-channel audio distribution to form the surround sound effect. In addition, the digital optical fiber is also the best way to record high sound quality.

  • Provides great signal at all levels of volume,
  • Immune to all types of EM / RF interference,
  • Superior accuracy and sound,
  • Suitable for DOLBY digital/DTS,
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
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