Black Stylus Pen for Nintendo 3DS XL Silver Metal Touch Pack of 5
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Black Stylus Pen for Nintendo 3DS XL Silver Metal Touch Pack of 5

5 Black Silver Stylus Retractable Touch Pen for Nintendo 3DS XL


Waiting for YOU!


Small for the pocket. Big for the gaming.


Don’t buy a boring, standard gaming stylus.

Get a really cool, chrome plated RETRACTABLE touch pen instead!!


Demand precision gaming… it does exactly what you want it to do.

This tough little beauty will enable you to get maximum enjoyment from your Nintendo 3DS XL whilst protecting your screen from nasty finger smudges.


Not only that, because you can make it so small, it fits perfectly in a wallet, travel card holder or tiny pocket without breaking.


Convenient? You bet… it slots seamlessly into your game console, so it always has a home.


When you need it, just whip it out, expand it, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

It becomes the perfect length for getting down to business.


Don’t have a Nintendo? Buy it any way… it’s fun to just retract and expand.

In fact, it’s totally therapeutic.


Here’s why you absolutely have to have it:

-       Super tough… Made from metal

-       Expanded length: 13cm / 5.2"

-       Retracted length: 9.5cm / 3.75”

-       You get 5 of them... Be nice, give some to your friends

-       Brilliantly convenient... Small pockets, wallets... or stick it behind your ear

-       Slots seamlessly into your games console

-       Vibrant colour... Paint your nails to match

-       Accurate pin-point precision... Just what a serious gamer needs!

-       Protects your screen from nast smudges... Be clean

-       Great thing just to fiddle with... Keep you calm :)

-       Cool design... Ooh, look at you :o)

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