Stylus Pen for New Nintendo 3DS XL Colours Pack of 3
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Stylus Pen for New Nintendo 3DS XL Colours Pack of 3

3 Touch Stylus Pens. Suitable for - ̗̀new ̖́- Nintendo 3DS XL Rigid Plastic. Coulors - Black, Blue, Red

Super tough. Super accurate. The ultimate gaming stylus.

Say goodbye to broken styluses. This is one of the toughest, most durable stylus pens you’ll ever lay your gaming-mad hands on!

There’s no compromise on performance. You touch the screen with it and it responds, every time. Plus, it keeps your console free from smudges and scratches.

Not only that, it fits perfectly into the back of your console. You won’t lose it.


Here’s why you absolutely have to have it:

  • Super-tough… Rigid plastic
  • Length: 9.5 cm / 3.75”… Perfect
  • You get 3 of them… Be nice, give one to a friend
  • Brilliantly convenient … Fits in back of the console
  • Great colour
  • Accurate pin-point precision… For serious gaming
  • Protects your screen from nasty smudges… Be clean
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