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Screen Protector Cover for Lenovo IdeaTab 2 A10-70F 10.1"

Added protection for your screen with PET Three layer H4 technology For Lenovo IdeaTab 2 A10-70F 10.1" This is a highly durable, tough, ultra-transparent (96%) protective screen which uses PET 4H hardness ‘additional layer’ technology. It’s designed to keep colours and resolution clearer and more vivid than other protectors. It’s simple to apply and ensures that your device remains fully responsive and sensitive to your touch at all times. The added layer provides a level of protection that most other protectors on the market can’t match and means that scratches, nasty fingerprint smudges, stains and dust virtually become a thing of the past. It comes with everything you need to ensure a perfect fitting and never leaves any sticky residue when applying or removing. Additional layer provides more protection Drastically reduces scratches, stains and fingerprint marks 4H PET Material, Composite silicon and electrostatic layers Retains screen’s responsiveness and sensitivity Keeps colours clear and vivid Ultra transparent Keeps your device in tip-top condition What makes it tougher than other ‘film’ screen protectors? PET 4H Layer Composite Silicon Layer Electro Static Layer All compressed into one single piece of film If you are looking for something that’s tougher, more responsive and barely visible you can stop searching now. You’ve found the perfect solution!
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