Capacative Stylus Pen Tablets Smartphone Universal Black
  • For Nintendo
  • Stylus
  • Touch pen

Capacative Stylus Pen Tablets Smartphone Universal Black

1x Black Capacative Stylus Pen Tablets Smartphone Universal

For tablets, smartphones and touchscreen computers and laptops



Feels good in your hand. Works better than your finger.


Whether you’re a gamer, businessman, student or leisure-seeker, this high-end capacitive stylus will make sure you do everything with total accuracy.


It keeps touchscreens free from scratches and smudges, and its solid build quality ensures it’ll last and last.


It has a clip to secure it to your pocket; or if you’d rather wear it around your neck, it has a small hole to thread a lanyard through.


The rubber tip makes easy work of scrolling, clicking and tapping and is truly universal – so it’s suitable to work with all of your touchscreen devices.



Here’s why you absolutely have to have it:

  • Capacitive technology – works on all touchscreens
  • Made from aluminium – strong and light
  • Comes in black finish
  • Protects screens from scratches and smudges
  • 1 in every pack – give one to a friend
  • Ultra Smooth responsive touchscreen action
  • Secure fastening clip and lanyard hole
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